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Innovative Communications Solutions

ATC is a single-source provider of comprehensive services throughout the power and telecommunications industry, connecting people, powering communities, and improving lives.

Innovative Solutions for a Smart New World百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

We build, install, and maintain the telecommunication ecosystem, including the networks and systems that transmit and distribute power and data.

Providing Technology to Multiple Markets 百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

We connect multiple market sectors by deploying evolving technology and the latest industry advancements.

Keeping Pace With Our Data Addiction百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

We deliver fast and accurate solutions that support the infrastructure of wireless networks nationwide, keeping people connected.
You are truly operating a “Best Practices” organization.

Our Services百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

Environmental Services:

  • Air Permitting and Annual Reporting
  • Waste Characterization, Management, and Disposal
  • Environmental Assessment and Remediation
  • Reporting – EPCRA, HMBP, EPA, and State HW
  • SPCC and SWPP
  • Building Sciences/Industrial Hygiene
  • Environmental Compliance (NEPA, SHPO, Cultural/Biological Surveys, Tribal Consultation)

  • Site Acquisition (Zoning, Permitting)
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Services – Soil Borings, Reporting, Construction Materials Testing
  • Battery Replacement and Generator/Fuel Cell Installation
  • Tank Inspection and Permitting
  • Emergency and Spill Response