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Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe?

Are You Keeping Your Employees Safe?百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

In recent safety news, OSHA fines a business over $280k for exposing workers to unhealthy work conditions. Not only were they cited for failing to properly train employees, they were also cited for one willful violation, 18 serious citations, and two “other-than...

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Time is Money: How Construction Monitoring Cuts Down Project Costs

Time is Money: How Construction Monitoring Cuts Down Project Costs百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

The construction industry faces several unique challenges compared to most, but managing timetables with so many complicating factors is often among the most frustrating. This is largely due to the fact that successful construction projects require multiple steps that...

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Understanding Seismic Risk Analysis

Understanding Seismic Risk Analysis百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

At its simplest, a seismic risk analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of a structure's ability to withstand earthquakes. This kind of evaluation is valuable to property owners, prospective buyers and parties involved in the site’s development. Essentially, the...

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Top 10 Most Common Construction Defects

Top 10 Most Common Construction Defects百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

A construction defect describes any kind of structural fault or failure that impairs the property owner's ability to use the building. Defects can occur at any stage of the building process, from initial site evaluation to project completion. Fortunately, all of these...

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What is Industrial Hygiene and Why Is It Important

What is Industrial Hygiene and Why Is It Important百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

The term "industrial hygiene" describes much more than the actual cleanliness of a workplace, although this is certainly one of the many relevant factors. All businesses need to be aware of how their company's site and operations impact employees, local communities...

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Why Do You Need an Environmental Consultant?

Why Do You Need an Environmental Consultant?百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

Navigating a web of regulatory standards from multiple authorities, conducting comprehensive site surveys and performing compliance audits are just a few of the many ways environmental consultants like ATC serve their clients. Businesses can leverage their skills and...

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ATC Top Young Professionals 2019

ATC Top Young Professionals 2019百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

The results of the?ATC 2019 Top Young Professionals?competition are in. ?We are very proud of each young professional being recognized on this year’s list. Hailing from all job backgrounds, ATC's Top Young Professionals of 2019 have a broad range of experience that...

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Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Preparedness and Remediation百姓彩票,百姓彩票首页,百姓彩票官网登录

Hurricanes may not strike as suddenly as earthquakes or tornadoes, but they are still unpredictable and can cause an unparalleled amount of damage to infrastructure, property and human life. Particularly when hazardous materials are present at the facility, damage...

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